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including hurricane sandy that promises to soak and batter a huge swath of the northeast beginning sunday night and maybe continuing to thursday. the other storm bearing down on the white house is benghazi-gate. the escalating political crisis from the apparently botched response to the fatal attacks in libya. you will hear prominent voices from both sides on whether the president can is survive that political storm. but you up front tonight the physical storm that before this week is over will affect the lives of tens of millions of americans. we start our coverage with maria molina in the fox news extreme weather center. so maria, where is sandy going? when does she hook up with our friends from the midwest and how bad is this going to be? >> hi, geraldo, good to see you. a very bad situation for any one living along the coast of the northeast and the mid atlantic. we are already feeling the impact throughout the day today across eastern portions of north carolina and also portions of south carolina because sandy is a very large storm system. we are talking about hurricane force winds t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)